Applying Tarmaseal tarmac paint / restorer is very easy and can be done by anyone, with or without DIY skills. As long as the outside temperature is above 8 or 9 degrees and it is relatively dry, Tarmaseal can be applied using a roller kit and painted on by brush at the edges.

To ensure the tarmac receives adequate tarmac paint / restorer we would always advise applying two coats to achieve the best results. On the first coat the coverage is normally 40-60sq metres per 20 litre tub. If the surface of the tarmac is quite abraded the coverage is usually around 40sq metres and for smoother areas of tarmac it is closer to 60sq metres. Once the first coat is dry (usually in less than two hours) a second coat can be applied - coverage rates of 65 - 80 sq metres can be expected.


  1. Prior to carrying out the application of the tarmac restorer it is vital to ensure the tarmac surface is prepared properly. For full details of how to prepare the tarmac surface prior to coating with the tarmac restorer can be found on the 'surface preparation' page. 
  2. Tarmaseal tarmac restorer should always be applied after the tarmac has been pressure cleaned and has been left to dry. The air temperature should be above 8-10 degrees centigrade with no rainfall imminent.
  3. Application is best done using a medium pile roller head. You may need to cut in using a soft broom or paint brush can be used for borders or hard to get to areas, but genarally a roller kit is best.
  4. Before you start to apply, please stir thoroughly. This is important to ensure an even surface finish and avoid the liquid pigment falling out of suspension. This will also ensure the anti-slip additive is consistent throughout the mix. Any mixing can be done using an implement such as a short stick or something like a plasterers mixing paddle that can be attached to an electric drill.
  5. Please ensure any areas close by such as adjoining driveways, flower planters, walling, paths and lawns are masked off with protective tape or other materials to prevent unwanted 'painted' areas. If this does happen, the tarmac paint can be removed using a cloth and water but this is only causing unecessary work for yourself.

Once you've painted the tarmac surface, please keep vehicles off of the surface for 24 hours and avoid walking on it for 2-3 hours.

Once you have applied the tarmac paint, ongoing maintenance is much easier and should be carried out every 3-5 years. Re-painting the tarmac is easy as subsequent coats will easily 'key' to the existing substrate and keep the tarmac in optimum condition.

For further information or advice prior to applying Tarmaseal tarmac paint / restorer please complete our online enquiry form or call us on 01268 722500.