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Case Study #1

We were contacted by Sainsburys as one of their delivery vehicles had leaked a large quantity of diesel all over a number of shared driveways in Ipswich in Suffolk. Once we had visited the site it became apparent that the whole area of Tarmac had to pre-treated with oil remover prior to pressure cleaning.

Once the tarmac had dried off we could then apply Tarmaseal tarmac restoring paint to mask any residual diesel staining and create a completely uniform finish.

Date: April 2009

Client: Sainsburys

Contractor: Smartseal UK Ltd

Location: Ipswich, Suffolk

Site Details: Shared Residential Driveway (8 properties)

Area: Approx. 300sq metres

Problem: This project meant pre-treating and removing a large spillage of diesel oil on tarmac to a number of communal driveways that had leaked from a Sainsbury delivery vehicle.

Solution: Because of residual staining on the tarmac once the diesel spillage had been removed we felt it was necessary to coat the entire area with Tarmaseal™ tarmac restorer to create a uniform finish and ‘mask’ any residual staining that was present on the surface of the tarmac.