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Patch Repairs

Tarmac is very susceptible to surface damage if subjected to prolonged heavy usage and variations in the weather. Heat will naturally expand the surface and frost can cause small expansion cracks that gradually get worse if left unchecked.

Pot-holes and small cracks are the most frequent problems associated with tarmac and asphalt surfaces. Prior to painting your tarmac with tarmac restoring paint it is always best to carry out a full survey of the tarmac and make sure any repairs to pot-holes and surface cracks are undertaken first.

If you need to patch up small pot-holes, you are better off using a cold lay tarmac mix which can be picked up quite cheaply from most builders merchants. Gently pressure clean the pot-holes to be patched, and remove any loose material aggregate. Pour the tarmac mix from the bag or tub and tamp down and level off. Once you have patched up the pot-hole with this tarmac repair material any subsequent painting of the tarmac will dramatically improve its look and appearance.

Cracks in the surface of the tarmac can quickly be filled using a quality crack repair compound from Smartseal. The compound wil harden within a few hours and should be soft enough at first to create a very close match to the original texture of the tarmac.

For further information or advice before carrying out remedial repairs to tarmac prior to applying a tarmac restorer please complete our online enquiry form or call us on 01268 722500.