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Surface Preparation

It is vitally important before you attempt to paint a tarmac driveway with Tarmaseal™ that the correct preparation is carried out and that you have the right application tools and materials to complete the project.

A few steps are self-explanatory but if you do things in the order as outlined below you cannot go wrong:

  1. Survey the area to look for areas that may need repairs carried out
  2. Measure the area to gain a rough idea of size in square metres
  3. Apply anti-fungicides to ensure any moss or algae is killed off
  4. Gently pressure clean the tarmac to remove dirt and moss etc
  5. Use crack repair compound and cold lay tarmac for remedial repairs

Once these steps have been followed the tarmac surface will be ready for painting with Tarmaseal tarmac restorer. You can do this yourself with ease or if you prefer to have a local contractor do the work we can put one in touch with you.

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